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Subhead: Testimonials

"We used to have a ground man that did nothing but constantly clean up around the plant; that was his job. We were paying all that labor for cleanup, nothing in the line of production. The last two years since using these cleaners from Martin Engineering, nothing—we don’t have a ground man. We haven’t shoveled the tail wheel or cleared anything out from under the conveyor since we installed these cleaners. I’m amazed by the CleanScrape Cleaner.
This cleaner has been on for a year now and I have not touched it.
This material is sloppy, it’s just muck that we’re running. And then you look at the return side of the belt and the proof’s right there. Absolutely phenomenal. Try it out for yourself, it’s amazing."

— Trey Poulson | Fairplay Gold Mine | Fairplay, CO

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Subhead: Successes
CleanScrape Cleaner on a headpulley. Cement industry.

After a year of 24/7 operation, the CleanScrape® Cleaner continues to efficently perform without a single adjustment in this cement plant.
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CleanScrape® Cleaner on a head pulley

Fugitive material built up on floors and encapsulated rolling components, causing excessive downtime for maintenance and cleaning for this cement plant. After installing CleanScrape®, the results were immediately apparent.
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Coal-Fired Power

A wyoming coal-fired power plant was experiencing massive amounts of carryback. Standard belt cleaners only lasted days in these punishing conditions.
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CleanScrape&regi Cleaner on a head pulley

Chute clogging and spillage issues at the discharge zone led this coal-fired power plant to participate in a CleanScrape ® Trial. By the end of the trial, the CleanScrape® outperformed expectations.
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Wood Products
CleanScrape&regi Cleaner on a head pulley

Carryback has been drastically reduced and the cleaning time has gone from two hours per day down to one hour per week.
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Mining (Ore & Coal)
CleanScrape&regi Cleaner on a head pulley

After two weeks of running on a full schedule, operators reported a significant decrease in carryback and virtually no spillage.
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Subhead: Product Info

CleanScrape® Cleaner

  • Lasts up to FOUR times as long as other cleaners
  • Requires minimal maintenance – only one tensioner adjustment EVER
  • Metal-tipped cleaner provides effective cleaning performance
  • Safe on vulcanized and mechanical splices
  • Maintains low blade-to-belt pressure while removing 85-95% of adhered material
  • Installed at an angle, little installation space required


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Technical Data Sheet

download the CleanScrape Technical Data Sheet

Manual: Lg & Med

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Manual: small

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SQC2S™ Secondary Cleaner

  • Individually-cushioned tungsten carbide blades maintain efficiency
  • Built for harsh conditions
  • Safe for belt and splices
  • Easy cartridge removal
  • Compatible with reversing belts
  • Compact design allows for tight-fit installations


Download the Belt Cleaner Literature

Technical Data Sheet

Download the SQC2S™ technical data sheet


Download the SQC2S™ operator manual