Truck Vibrators* 
are going PINK
breast cancer awareness month!
*Cougar® TDC and THD Truck Vibrators

are going PINK for breast cancer awareness month!
*Cougar® TDC and THD Truck Vibrators



thank YOU 2018 contributors | $3,750 raised so far!
thank YOU 2018 contributors | $3,650 raised thus far!

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  Bruce Stelljes
   Herman's Trucking
   Wrightstown, New Jersey

   "when you put on a Cougar®,  
   you never have to change it.”


“We've been in the dump truck business for 44 years…you might say we've been in the dumps for 44 years. About 10 years ago, I picked up a job where the sand and gravel being used needed to be absolutely clean. After every load, the driver had to make sure the truck body was clean and if it wasn’t, he or she would have to get in there with a shovel and manually clean it. To make things easier and quicker, eight years ago I bought a new truck with a body vibrator. At that time, I didn't know anything about truck vibrators. The company I bought the body from used Cougar® Vibrators and everything worked very well. Subsequently, I bought a few more new trucks that just happened to have Vibco vibrators installed on them. After about a year, the Vibco vibrators started going bad. I replaced them and in about another year, they failed again. In the meantime, the Cougar® Vibrator that was six years old was still working fine. Now, we use only Cougar® and I only have to put them on once. Moral of the story is: when you put on a Cougar®, you never have to change it.”

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